we provide full life cycle development services right from Requirement Gathering, Analysis & Design to Coding and Testing. Agile Scrum Methodology is used for the Development projects. It recommends an iterative approach for building Software. Our Software Services are:.

  • Software Development
  • AI Modelling
  • Blockchain
  • Application Maintenance
  • API Integration
  • Redmine Support
  • Intranet Portals
  • Business Intelligence Reports
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Migration


We are a reliable and a dependable Partner, we partner with other IT / ITES firms and Software Product Companies to serve their clients. We take care of the Software Development work, while the partner would do the client facing and Sales activities. We provide both long term and short term Software Development services.

Testing service

 We provide software testing services to companies, helping ensure that software is up to the mark and meets customer expectations.

We are familiar with:

  • Functional Testing: Our teams are proficient in managing the astounding tasks in functional testing to make the process seamless & error free.
  • UI Testing: User interface testing is a testing technique used to identify the presence of defects is a product/software under test by using Graphical user interface [GUI].
  • Performance Testing: We performance testing services help companies to evaluate the performance of components within a particular system. 
  • Security Testing: We provides end-to-end security testing services that cover all web, client-server and mobile applications: Our aim is to understand your application’s information system weaknesses.

Consulting services

Our software consultants can help identify and eliminate such barriers as efficiently as possible. Our software consulting services can work with you from idea to design, testing, and production. Or we can just help you to meet a challenge or to achieve a project benchmark. We’ll take an approach designed to get the best results for you. We can assign a single, expert consultant-developer or a well-rounded team to deliver your project on time and to spec.

We offer custom systems design and software engineering consultants to industrial, corporate, and scientific clients. 

How our Software Consultants can help you?

  • Complementing the work your IT department already does by adding an expert resource to enable faster project delivery.
  • Working with you from start to finish to analyse your requirements, carry out assessments and create the resulting bespoke software solution.
  • Consulting with you for a period of time to understand your business, reviewing your current technology and providing an independent recommendation for improvement.

Maintenance & enhancement

We provide dedicated software maintenance and support services that will enable you to concentrate better on your core business functions. We are a team of expert software professionals who carry an expertise that is crystallized by experience spanning over a decade in the industry.

We follow a well-defined and scalable maintenance process, and consistently promote preventive maintenance best practices at our customer sites so that their software demands minimum maintenance. Therefore, we strongly advocate the following to our client organizations to minimize scope for large scale system errors and corrective action:

  • Rigorous documentation and processes at the software development stage
  • Knowledge sharing on enterprise applications
  • Transparent development methodologies
  • Knowledge repositories on enterprise applications
  • Streamlined ongoing preventive maintenance efforts

We ensures that our services optimize application performance and bring down your TCO (total cost of ownership) on software.