Mobile Application

StockPoint Application – Japanese Customer

Project type: Fixed price – 35MM

Technical: Android (Java), iOS (Objective C)

Requirement: There is an application for traders to follow stock information and place orders. Howevers, current UI/UX is difficult to use. This project’s purpose is re-design UI/UX in a better usability..

Challenges: High requirement of animation and effect, require high level of synchronized between iOS and Android.

Solutions: Assign experienced staffs for layout’s algorithm calculations.
All animated elements are well-tested with experienced staffs to ensure quality of application..

Results: Application released on time and meet customer’s expectations. Customer is pleased with the result feedback positive..

Web Application

Performance Ticket Sell application – Japanese Customer

Project type: Time & Material – 81MM

Technical: Web/Mobile Application(Java, PHP, .NET, Android, IOS)

Requirement: Maintain ticket selling system for customer.
Upgrade, fix issues in old system and upload new functions for the system.

Challenges: Legacy systems with many sub-systems, complex business processes and old technologies..

Solutions: Provide 2 onsiters to customer site to learn about business processes and systems..

Results: Ensure system’s availability and reliability. Issues are resolved in short time. Reduce 50% cost for system mainternance and upgrades.

Window Application

Workshops Application – Vietnamese Customer

Project type: Fixed price- 31.5MM

Technical: Window Application (C# .NetFramework)

Requirement: The design and estimation of steel frame factory in a short time is always a challenge for construction contractors. This project was created to build a design and estimation system for steel workshop manufactoring. Designs will be generated faster and can view in 3D, so that manufacturer can provide quotation faster with high precision.

Challenges: Short duration with many specialized terms. Need to understand domain knowledge and know-how to apply to system.

Solution: Use CorelDRAW application to design and import directly into the software. The designs must be updated from the server.